386. Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It feels like forever since I wrote something in here that wasn't a show review or recap. To be honest, I haven't had much to say. At least not in here. Last month, life threw me a small curve, and I'm still recovering from it. The good news is I am writing again. I'm writing a lot actually between my role-play writing and my fiction I'm writing more than I ever have in recent months. I started a new story last Sunday, and I've already written 3000 words already. It is a fan fiction idea that came to me when watching an episode of a television show that I used to love years ago, but the show was canceled by FOX.

It seems FOX has this nasty habit of canceling shows I just happen to fall in love with. The first being Dark Angel, then Fastlane had the plug pulled on it and then lastly they cancelled North Shore on me too. That's why now when it comes to FOX I try to not get too attached to the new shows they bring on air. I was so worried about Bones last season, and I'm not sure how Vanished will fair yet this year. That's the only new show that really caught my eye on FOX this season, but I already feel myself losing interest in the series. It just seems to move so slowly, but at the same time they are throwing so much at you.

This week a lot more series make their return. I'm really looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer making their premieres this week.  The promo commercials for Grey's have me in suspense. I have this feeling they won't let us know just who Meredith picks the first week. That just seems like something the writers would do to drag it out. I think with the shows returning I'll find some much needed structure to my life. Some structure that I lost last month.

I had a fairly set schedule of when I would do things, and I lost that. I like having things organized. I like to know when I have to do something because it becomes routine. I don't mean to the exact minute I do this at this time every single day, but at least give me a general idea so I know just what the hell I am doing. Without that, I am looking for things to occupy my time with. With me writing again though, at least I have something to fill my days with. I'm still getting back into the fiction at the moment, but those muses are being a bit more cooperative. I'm playing around with an original idea too, but I haven't fleshed out the idea totally in my mind yet though.

I'm taking things one day at a time. I am trying to have fun with my writing again. Writing should never become a chore. It should be something to do because you enjoy doing. No matter if it’s a character your role-playing or a story you're working on. You need to enjoy the story that is being created or you just won't feel it. That will show in your writing, and I think that was my major problem lately.

Now, I think I'm off to watch my football team play. I'll try to be better about writing in this thing. I just needed a bit of a break


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