382. TV Review: Vanished Episode 4

Monday, September 11, 2006

From TV.com: The FBI brings in an obvious suspect for questioning. Marcy's secret is discovered, and Judy Nash heads to Gloucester to find out who Sara really is.

Tonight's episode begins by going back to the past. We see Mark Velero, the man that disappeared with Sara, meeting with Ben Wilson. We soon learn that he is now in FBI custody meeting with Agent Kelton. He is telling the agent about the night of Sara's disappearance. His attorney shows up, court appointed, and Ben tells him that he was only dropping the money off for a friend. The lawyer asks for the number of this friend and when Ben asks to talk to Marcy, the lawyer then tells him that Marcy turned him in. We then cut to Judy Nash visiting with Kelton. He wants her footage of the events in the elevator, but she will only share that footage if he shares what he has. On her way out, we see Senator Collins. He is coming in for his daughter, and she asks her father to help get Ben free. She is also reveals a startling bit of information. She is pregnant with Ben's child.

Kelton and his partner get the footage from the elevator, and the team goes over it. They notice that the senator was on the emergency line of the elevator and watching something on the video. They just have no idea what exactly he is watching. Jeffrey's ex-wife Jessica comes to see her husband because she is concerned for their children. However, the man is wondering why she has decided to make her reappearance now. Kelton also arrives in order to confront the senator on the footage he received. After Kelton leaves, the senator goes to talk to his daughter about her pregnancy. He also tells her he has arranged a visit for her and Ben. Before leaving he asks his daughter why she wasn't close to Sara as she once was. Marcy then remembers a time with Sara where she was getting ready for a party to meet with some mystery man. Although, it is a bit unclear why this interaction would cause the two to drift.

Afterwards we see Kelton picking up his daughter from church school, and while there his daughter briefly disappears. She is found safe, but another Nathan card is left behind. As it turns out, a friendly looking man gave her the card, and she put it next to the candle she was lighting for her grandmother. Kelton tries to find out about the man from his daughter, but he is unsuccessful, and his ex-wife arrives to take her home. Soon after Marcy shows up to meet with Ben, but it doesn't go well. He tells her to leave. We then have another flashback, and we find out the man she was wanting to meet at that long ago party was an older man and she turns to Ben to comfort when Sara discovers the two together. Agent Lin Mei finds the location of the address on the Nathan card left with Kelton's daughter, but the location is now underwater as part of a reservoir. The two go on seen, and they start to investigate. Meanwhile, Judy Nash has gone after Nicky Johnson in Gloucester.

Kelton is attacked while at the reservoir, but his partner saves him. The next morning, the FBI is going over the site, and it appears a body is found in the water. The shape leads them to believe it might be Sara. A camera is sent down, but it appears to be a statue. The senator is also dealing with mounting pressure for his vote on an upcoming confirmation. He believes the man looking for his vote to go a certain way is actually behind Sara's disappearance. The man denies it, and the senator then learns what is happening at the reservoir, and he rushes to the scene just before the statue is discovered. Things continue to develop as a man gets himself arrested and is put in with Ben Wilson. Kelton also puts two and two together and once again confronts the senator on his being blackmailed for his vote. The two devise a plan to buy Kelton some more time with the senator having to be hospitalized for a minor heart attack. Meanwhile, back at the reservoir a newer coffin is found, but we are left to wonder what is contained inside.

Each and every week, this series seems to keep bringing up more questions than answers. However, one had to wonder if we have way too many questions coming in for the viewer to keep up. The pace of the show is slow, but a lot is thrown at us, which makes it a bit hard to keep up. The slow pace also makes it hard to keep the focus needed to catch every little detail. FOX has ordered three additional episodes of the series to be shot, so at least they are happy with the show so far. Let's see if that continues as things progress. FOX is really the only game in town at the moment with all new fall programming, so this might be why so many are tuning in, but starting this week and continuing on to next week we have many more new fall arrivals making their return.


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