384. TV Review: Bones Episode 2.3

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From TV.com: An overturned garbage truck reveals the body of a young man who's been missing for nearly three weeks. When the investigation reveals that a young girl raised by foster parents is the chief suspect, Brennan becomes disheartened by how quickly the rest of the team lay blame at the foster care system, something she's been through herself. Tensions continue to rise between Cam and Brennan.

Tonight's episode titled The Boy In The Shroud opens up with Booth, Cam and the team finding a body in an accident where an overturned garbage truck hits a car. Bones immediately goes to work, and she says the body is that of a teenage male with several injuries that appear to come from a fall. Back at the lab, the team works on finding out more about the victim. Cam and Booth thinks the boy is a street hustler. Angela is able to figure out how the boy looked by using tissue samples from the shroud that covered the body.

Using the image that Angela creates, they are able to find out who the boy is. Booth and Bones have to inform the parents, and it appears the girlfriend of the boy is also missing. The family blames the girl for it. She was seen to be a bad influence because she was in the foster care system. This hits Bones a bit hard because she was a foster care kid herself. However, both Cam and Booth are all ready to pin the murder on the young girl. This causes Bones to lose her temper and cool, which is something we rarely see her do.

Hodgins finds out that the boy was holding a rose and that he died near a Russian restaurant. As it turns out there is only one Russian restaurant in the area, so Bones and Booth go there to find out more about Dylan and to see if they can find Kelly. Talking to some of the local teens isn't successful, but the two find some good samaritans in the area. The two recognize Kelly and Dylan, and they take them to what appears to be site of Dylan's death. There is even a small shrine. The two find a boy and he runs. Bones chases him down, and the two interview him. He tells them to check into the good samaritans. As it turns out, the man has been arrested three times for solicitation of a minor, all girls.

Things are still tense with the addition of Cam, and that is the only area where there is tension. Hodgins makes an off hand comment about love, and it causes a tense and awkward moment between him and Angela. Booth brings in the man that hands out sandwiches. He says he is now clean, but Booth brings out pictures of girls the man has solicited in the past six months. The man still denies it. Following we see the tension between Cam and Temperance go up a notch as the two disagree over what is the next course of action to take. Cam disagrees with Bones, and Bones says she can't work like this. Cam takes this as her resignation, but Angela informs her if Brennan quits everyone would quit, including Booth. However, Cam is thinking of firing her. Booth then tells Cam he is with Bones no matter what happens, and he also tells her Bones was once a foster kid herself.

Hodgins finds out what the rose was, and this leads them to the US Botanical Gardens. Once there, they find Kelly and she tells them that she killed Dylan. Looks like Cam was right. Kelly is brought in for questioning, and she admits she kills him, but her story doesn't fit. She even confesses to killing the sandwich man, who has also turned up dead. However, his wife confesses to killing him. This leaves Kelly responsible for Dylan's death, but Bones still thinks she is innocent. Angela leads the team in a simulation of the events of that night. This leads Brennan to put the blame on Kelly's younger brother. Bones connects with the young girl. By the end of the episode, we see both Hodgins and Bones reach out. Hodgins to Angela and Bones with Cam. This episode might mark a turning point for both pairs, and it was one of the best episodes of this season so far. I'm looking forward to what happens next, especially with Hodgins and Angela.


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