Almost Halloween Time

Monday, October 13, 2008

October means it is almost time for Halloween. I used to love Halloween as a kid. I tried to go trick or treating in costume until my 18th birthday. I thought it was fun, and I liked going around to see what some people did to decorate for the holiday. Some went all out and made little haunted houses up. Some did little spooky performances, and that was the main reason I kept going out each and every year.

Here in Arizona, not many stop by our apartment at Halloween. We buy the candy, and we end up eating it all by ourselves. I'm not complaining about that at all by the way! If kids actually came by our apartment, I might actually go through with dressing up. There is a costume and party store not too far from my apartment actually.

You can even buy your costumes online these days. It seems you really can buy almost anything online. You just need to look around a bit for it. Today, I found a Halloween Costumes site called Halloween Adventure. They even have costumes for pets. My cat would kill me slowly if I even thought about putting him through a costume experience though. I think if I were to dress up, the Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume would be cute.

The site has costumes for just about everyone though. All the big movie and television names are featured. I think my cat would make a great joker. Look at the picture below. I've noticed when they need pictures for something like this, they always feature dogs. Where is the cat love?! What do you want to be for Halloween this year?


Anonymous said...

I love how you say that you tried to go trick or treating until you were 18, haha. My friends and I actually went last year with younger kids (we were 22, haha). Thankfully we can look younger than we are and no one knew. When we went to houses of people we actually knew they thought it was great and said anyone should get candy if they dress up! haha.


Anonymous said...


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