September in review

Saturday, October 04, 2008

It is now October, and this means I am now living in my new apartment. September was the month from hell. Everything from moving to having the family car finally die out.  This means we have new car. At least not right now. We're working on it. We are learning just how good the public transportation is here. We have a free bus that takes us up the block and connects to other free bus routes. That helps. There is also the normal pay bus as well.

My dad lost his job in August, and he hasn't been able to find something new. He really shouldn't be working anyway. He's almost 83 years old. He just gets bored sitting home all day though. A couple of weeks ago, he twisted his knee and ankle. Both bother him. He walked too much, and that is what happened.

I've been busy with Celebrity Today. I'm really excited to see how well my blog is doing. My posts have been picked up a lot more recently through Blogburst as well. I've seen my television reviews end up on Reuters, USA Today and the Chicago Sun Times. Some of my other articles as well, and I saw a DVD review I posted go through USA Today as well. It helps give that little confidence boost when things don't seem to be going right.

I miss writing though. I know that might sound silly because I write every single day, but I miss writing fiction. I miss creating characters. My mind just doesn't click for fiction much anymore.  I'm always thinking of my blog and things for that. Ugh. I just miss fiction. It is where I started, but I know I make more money with my nonfiction. I need to be able to pay the bills. Someday I would like to make enough to have my own apartment. No, I need to make enough to have my own place. I'm working towards it. Slowly but surely.


PERBS said...

Came by to read your BYB Sunday post. . . in a way, your year in review sounds like a few blessings there. With the price of gas, the bus is a definite blessing, even if you have to pay fare for the ride.

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