The Phone Doesn't Stop

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm sure we are all used to the phone ringing non-stop these days. The election calls are coming, and those won't stop until election day. The advertising ones get to me the most. There are ways to stop the calls, but does it really work? Today, I found this site that lets you report phone numbers you get called from, Report Annoying Callers. I think this makes it easier to block these numbers from being able to call you. Some of the descriptions of the calls made are frank and honest. Some are harassing.

Just this morning, I received a phone call from someone. All the man said was hi. Nothing else. Strangest thing ever really. I tried saying hi again and talking to the man, but he didn't say one more thing. Weird!


Free Music said...

yeah some are harassing calls

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