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Friday, October 10, 2008

Time and again, I have considered getting web hosting for my blog and pulling it completely off blogger. I know many go through this internal debate as bloggers. I have had this blog since March 2005. Yes, I don't post daily like I used to in the past, but I'm still here, and I will hopefully be able to post more as time goes on. I need some place to let my hair down and just be myself. This blog is that place.

I'm always looking at sites that offer you information about webhosting. I came across this one today in fact. This one site compares the various webhosting sites out there for someone looking to make the leap. It reviews the big names Yahoo!, which it gave two thumbs up, and then it also reviews others like HostMonster. Coming in at number one was a provider I hadn't heard before called InMotion.

The site also offers information other than their list of best hosting providers. Articles include information on managed hosting. If you're pondering taking the leap yourself, it is always good to research. This might be the place to start.


simplyjacy said...

you would never go wrong if you get your own domain and host it on a server.

i have done it and you get full control of your site which is the best part of it.

Nothing wrong with blogger; it's actually very versatile - particularly for a FREE tool!

See for instance (beware - unadulterated material)

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