317. Stormy weather

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well, I survived the devil’s day relatively unscathed. I planned to update yesterday, but just as I opened up Word to start it, we had a power outage. It was only off for an hour, but when it came back up I just wasn’t in the mood to update. We had our first storm of the season, and that always throws things here out of whack in the desert.

In Arizona, we have these storms called monsoons that come every June like clockwork. Usually, not this early in the month, but maybe I just wasn’t expecting it. The storms bring wind, dust, rain, thunder and lightning. Sometimes even flooding and hail accompany the storms. Yesterday’s storm was just a lot of wind and dust. I was surprised the power went out actually.

Another storm is actually coming in now. It’s been thundering for about thirty minutes on and off now. The wind picked up, and we’ve had a few drops of rain. Not sure how bad this one will be. I’m hoping it doesn’t knock the power off again. The thunder is getting worse, so I’m going to cut this short.


Anthony said...

I like thunderstorms.

Anthony said...


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