323. Changing things around

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here are three entries in three days. Shocking I know. I remember the days where I used to post in here everyday, and I know my schedule was a lot less hectic back then. I didn't have my review site or my other blog on Media Village to keep up.  It's hard to find time some days to get everything done, but with the summer upon us my schedule is a bit lighter, and I know how to handle things for next season because I've already been there and done it once.

Thursday nights will be my busiest night of the week with four shows coming on. I'm still trying to figure out how I'll review all four, especially when three come in during the same time slot. The O.C. won't premiere until November, so that is when I'll have to figure it out. I see myself having to do some fancy footwork or having to download one of the programs, unless one of the series moves time slots between now and November.

I've really shifted my schedule around in the last few weeks. I'm getting up in the morning earlier. Going to bed at night earlier. I've shifted around when I do things, and I noticed immediately that with a few small changes that I actually got more done during the day. The only thing I have to do now is hopefully find my muses, so that I can write more fiction.  As the saying goes, one day at a time.

Last August, I wrote ten thousand fiction words in one month, but it was so draining in the process. Not only that, but I lost some friends in the process too. Looking back though, I'm not sure if I could really call them my friends because if they would have understood what I was doing in that one month where I pushed myself to the limits I had with my fiction, then they would still be in my life now in some capacity.

I really don't talk to many people now online. Some through my role-playing, but that is about it.  I actually enjoy my quiet existence. Some in my family tell me I need to do more, want more, but I'm actually quite content with my life as it is. I know when I'm supposed to have more I will.


keep writing and those that understand how passionate you are about it will stick by you and support you!!!! Just remember to get out to lunch or dinner with them every so often, a girl's gotta eat right?

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