319. Restless again

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I don't know what it is. I never understand exactly how my mind and mood shifts work. If any of us knew how our minds worked, then people would be a lot happier because when you knew the reasons behind whatever funk you're in, you can control it better. The past couple of days I've found myself slipping back into this funk that keeps coming and going. Perhaps it is just PMS. Maybe I'll just chalk it up to that because last week was one of those amazing weeks, and I was in really good mood.

I'd say it was the rejection I received the other night, but I actually handled that quite well. I figured it might not get accepted at that publication because they had already seen it once, and even with all the changes there was a chance they wouldn't want to accept it. The rejection has actually given me a bit food for thought. Right now, I've been sticking mostly to male/male romances and erotica, but it seems the market for that is still a bit on the smallish side.

So I've been pondering maybe going back to my roots of straight boy meets girl romance. It's where I started, and I find when I am in the right mind set I can actually write those scenes well. I just need to try again maybe. I need an idea to hit me in the head first. The only ideas that seem to be coming at me right now seem to be fan fiction in nature. I'm not complaining really because those stories can be fun and good ways to jog the writing muscle back into action.

I just hate feeling restless.


Iris said...

I started reading your blog and it really pulled me in. Some of your entries on writing were really thought-provoking. I'll be back to read more in the future.

The Lost Girls said...

Gina...we totally get it! My 20something journalist friends and I were so restless, we actually quit our jobs, got rid of our apartments, said goodbye to our men and are leaving in a few days to travel the world for a year! We started a blog about it too: www.lostgirlsworld.blogspot.com

Check it out if you have time. Or chuck it all and come join us!

Reject the rejections.

If you are sure of your genius,then don't let rejection slips or whatever form of rejection bug you.

God bless.

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