320. Father's Day Ramblings

Sunday, June 18, 2006

First off, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there that might happen across my blog. I'm fortunate enough to have my own father still living at eighty years old, but having lost my mother many years ago I know how hard it is to lose a parent and have to deal with days like today. Today, I bought my dad dinner. He isn't the type to go out to a restaurant much anymore, so it was the take out of his choice paid for by me.

Also, today we headed out to Best Buy. I purchased another computer upgrade. One that I think was needed and long overdue since I upgraded to high speed back in December, and that was more memory. I could do more Internet speed wise, but at least once or twice a day I would suffer freezes that could last as long as ten minutes. Nothing is worse than sitting there and watching your computer frozen when you have work that needs to be done.

So today, I doubled the amount of memory in my computer, going from about 382 to 768MB. What a difference I'm noticing already. An improvement, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg either because Best Buy had the 512MB stick I needed at half off the normal price. I also got a couple of magazine free trial subscriptions for having to go out in the 106-degree heat.

Last night, I started on a fan fiction idea I've had bouncing in my head the last week or so, something in the X-men movie verse. I've found some decent writing in that fandom, especially in the Rogue/Wolverine pairing. The idea had probably been bouncing in my head since I saw the movie actually, but I didn't sit down and get it out. I have a couple of other ideas bouncing in my head too.

I seem to have more ideas than I know what to do with, and before I'd normally go forward with them and just write whatever came to mind. When I started taking my writing more seriously, looking for publication, I stopped doing that. I wrote things that I thought would get published only. I stopped writing for fun mostly.

Perhaps I started taking writing too seriously. I've been writing fiction since I was in the sixth grade. That's when we had an assignment to write a story and then make a book out of it. I wrote two books that year, and then when I reached junior high I started writing more. My first longer story is sitting unfinished somewhere in my room right now. It was cheesy and awful and full of violence and murder. What a thirteen year old comes up with.

It was mine though. My story. My ideas, as crazy as they were. I just sat and wrote them out. No word processor or computer back in those days. That came a couple of years later when my mother finally broke down and bought me a word processor, as awful as that thing was. Back then I had this love of writing, a love I still have, but these days I'm pushing myself to get published with my fiction so hard, perhaps in a way I'm holding myself back.

I have all these ideas in my head, ideas for everything and anything, sometimes they come and go. Most of the time now, I lose them before I even give them a chance to turn into something, and that is never any good. Perhaps I need to find the fun in writing again. I know its there. I think some of my role play writing has shown me just how productive I can be when I allow the writing to be just a little more fun and not so serious. I think that is something I need to work on.

As for this blog, I tried for a new look. I thought it was beyond time to change it, and I liked the template a lot. however, there seemed to be a problem with all my straight quotes going to curly quotes. Maybe I'll try to figure out how to get that to work later. I tried making my own template and style, but I failed miserably. Perhaps I'll give that another try sometime. I hope you're all well out there. Have a wonderful night!

EDIT: Thanks to trusty Google, I fixed the problem with the quotes not working, and I am now moving ahead with the new template. I knew it was just a matter of figuring out something with the HTML.


Bebe Thomas said...

Just dropping by to say Hi! Glad you had a nice dinner with your dad.

chryscat said...

Honestly, I like the template and the colors. Way to go on the memory stick. I need one, too. *grins* Ought to make one hell of a difference.

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