318. Rejected

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Well, I finally heard back on that submission I sent in last month. The rejection came in last night’s email. I kind of figured that might happen after the long wait, but I was hoping. The editor did say it wasn’t the story, but the fact they have so much male/male right now, that they have enough for the next six months. They did say to try again with something else, but up to this point my focus has been on the male/male. I don’t have anything straight right now.

With the rejection and some of the talk I’ve been seeing, maybe gay erotic romance is a bit flooded right now. There isn’t a great market for it, so maybe the little market it does have is overwhelmed. This might be something I have to think about. Maybe I should try to wrap my mind around the normal, boy meets girl, they have sex and fall in love type story.  I just haven’t had much luck with that type of story. Not in awhile.

It is something to think about. Usually rejections hit me a bit hard, but the fact they said it wasn’t the story itself, but the fact they couldn’t take it, made it just a bit easier. I should try to find another home for it. Anyone out there have any suggestions?


Karen said...

Rejections stink, no way around it. Sorry to hear you had one come your way :(

I'd definately find comfort in them not rejecting the writing, but the timing. There could be a home out there for it yet!

Michelle said...

Rejections get you, no matter what the reason. Hang in there and console yourself by sending something else out. Hugs!

jen.nifer said...

Hi there Gina, keep up with it, you're still one step ahead of me - I'm *still* battling it out with my WIP.

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