321. The Official Beginning Of Summer

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It'd been a week since my last entry, but I haven't had all that much to say. I've always hated those type entries on blogs where the person only pops up to say they have nothing to say, so I tend to not do those. Why waste the space? I figure when the time is right and I have something to say then I'll come here to say it.

Summer officially started this week, but for us living in Arizona we've had summer temperatures for the last month or two now. We're in the middle of another dust storm right now, and I'm waiting for the first big summer storm of the year, even if I do hate lightning and thunder. I like to watch it. I like to watch as the rain falls down and the wind blows it about. As long as the power doesn't go out, I'm content to watch the storm as it rips things about. I've always loved storms though.

The past week has been lazy and quiet. I'm enjoying it, even if I feel I've been too lazy. I don't really truly have a current WIP on the table. I started that X-men fan fiction, but I'm still not working on anything new towards publication. I've manuscripts in varying degrees of doneness, but they truly don't feel like works in progress because the last time I worked on them was months ago. So the in progress feel has lessened somewhat.

I've been giving thought to this blog and my review site. I thought about possibly buying a domain and some web space, maybe going the word press route instead of blogger. I also thought of maybe combining this blog and my review site together and making just one blog. I'm not sure if that would work, and what those that read both blogs would think. Plus, I would have the hassle of changing links and all those blog moving type things, not once but twice. That would take forever and a day, and I'm not sure if I want to deal with that hassle either.

I was saddened by the news earlier this week of Aaron Spelling's passing. As a television addict, I've watched a number of his productions over the years, and until his death I never realized just how many shows he was behind I actually watched. As a child, I used to watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island. As a teen, I was addicted to Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. I spent countless hours watching his programming, and it does truly feel like an era has ended with his death. I'd heard him and Tori had their problems in recent years, but towards the end she was rushing to his bedside. I only hope she made it in time. Having lost a parent, I know how hard it is. I couldn't imagine having lost a parent and losing the chance to say good-bye as well. I was fortunate enough to be with my mother and our family as she passed on.

A couple of days ago, I saw the front page of my newspaper and on it was news of a plot that was thwarted to attack several federal buildings in our country, including one here in Phoenix. This is a scary world we live in, and the threat of another event to the scale of 9/11 is always possible. The fact that the building here was included frightens me a little. Not only that but I live just fifty or so miles away from a large nuclear plant. I'm not sure if I'm far enough away if something was to happen there. I hope I am, but you never know. Each and every day we live our lives as best we can, but in just one moment these lives we hold so dear can be taken away by just about anyone or anything. We can't let it stop us from living our lives though.


I was also sad to hear about Spelling's death as "Beverly Hills 90210" was the best show on TV to me for many years.

And I'm still waiting for the DVDs to appear.

Dee said...

yup, big Melrose fan here -- was kinda ashamed of it at the time, but then I would catch the reruns on E! and thought, damn, that was one hell of a show.

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