315. Why do you blog?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ever have those times where you’re busy, but it isn’t a bad busy. It’s actually kind of fun, and you find yourself enjoying it, even if you do happen to be doing a million things, its fun. That’s where I’m at right now myself. I kind of like it. Although my schedule is a bit out of whack with not much television to review at the moment.

Right now, I’m reviewing two shows that premiered just this week, this season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge and So You Think You Dance. Next week, I think I’m picking up Windfall, and the week after that, America’s Got Talent. Those might be my four shows for the summer. I’m thinking of one or two others, but I haven’t decided yet.

I’m just more used to having something to do almost every night of the week. When I realized I had Tuesday off without anything to watch and review, I did a little dance. I love what I do, but I like having some time where I can just watch television. I actually find myself watching less of it when I don’t have to. I just do my nightly soap viewing before bed. I need my soap fix!

I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts to my blogging lately. I’ve been blogging on one service or another since July 2001. I joined blogger back in January 2005 with my first blog, but that didn’t last. I returned with a fresh start in March, and it stuck. I’ve had journals on Live Journal and Greatest Journal over the years. They are still there, used to keep up with friends or communities.

Live Journal seems to be a great place to join a bunch of informative communities. I joined some of the fiction based ones this week with my new fiction journal there. I used one of the prompts found in one of the communities to write a short drabble, which you can find on my fiction blog. I added my fiction blog to Blog Explosion and a few exchanges earlier this week, get it a bit more traffic.

BE has had some issues with my thumbnail, but I’m hoping to have a set thumbnail soon. The first one they took was of the FireFox homepage. They redid it, but I realized the font just didn’t show on my blog on the thumbnail. So I redid the font color, and asked for another thumb. That should be done soon.

Like I said though, I’ve been thinking about blogging and why I do it. I had jumped up on the bandwagon with some of the meme’s in recent weeks, and those are nice. They help you meet people, but I’ve noticed with Click & Comment that people just drop by and say “Happy Click & Comment Monday!” It makes you wonder if they actually read anything else on your blog. Thursday Thirteen’s just didn’t work for me, but I actually liked Wordless Wednesday. I just forget yesterday. Oops!

It seems everyone has his or her own reasons to blog though. As a writer, some blog as part of promotion. As an every day person, they might blog to get whatever they are feeling out. There are so many personal blogs out there in the World Wide Web. Some blog to share knowledge of some sort. I maintain three blog, so I guess I do a little bit of everything with my blog.  I think a lot, more than most, and sometimes I need to get my thoughts out. Sometimes I’ll see something others might find interest in. I didn’t come into blogging really to make friends, but it happened too.

I know when you’re blog you’ll make friends and even enemies.  There will be drama, although I’ve seen more of the idiot drama (as I call it) over on Greatest Journal. I’ve been watching some of the current Blog Explosion drama, and I just find myself shaking my head. Fighting over how people vote over at Battle of the Blogs and such. I vote and I battle. I look at the blog, its content and template, and then decide. You don’t have a lot of time to vote sometimes. I’ve also noticed it is a lot of the same blogs that battle, so you get to know who is who. I’ve opted out of the Rent My Blog for now, so no new Blog of the Week this week. I had been thinking of stopping for a while, but I think the time has come. Maybe I’ll pick it back up another time.

I hope you’re all well out there! Have a great Thursday night.


chryscat said...

Wow. Three blogs? I have a hard enough time keeping up with one. And then my ideas come in spurts. I had eight blog ideas last night as I lay in an insomniacal state. This morning? I remembered one. Isn't that lovely?
Didn't know there were blog wars. I may have to stay out of that fray.

Gina said...

Well, this blog, my review site, and the entertainment blog I'm paid to write over at media village. So yes, three blogs. The blog wars are more over on blogexplosion right now, so if you're not a member there, you won't be in the fray anyway!

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