A change

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm not sure if I want to jinx it, but things are going really good this month. I woke up early this morning in a really good mood, and I'm not even sure why. I know my mood bounces up and down like nothing else. I have my good days, and my bad days just like everyone else. Sometimes my bad days last longer than a day. I'm one of those type of people that just like to keep to themselves. I have very few friends that I talk to online on a consistent basis. I drift in and out of some people's radar and lives depending on how I'm feeling. I know that might make me sound like a bad friend, but is just how I am.

I am a writer, and writers have always been said the most eccentric creatures on the planet. I'm always writing in one way or another, and it is a life that I enjoy. I like creating characters, getting into their heads and figuring what makes them who they are. It has always been fun for me. The past few weeks I've been losing myself in television a bit again. I haven't managed to watch much of American Idol this year, but I've been watching Kyle XY and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Both shows I've been enjoying. I'm also all caught up with Moonlight, and I hope this series continues on for a second season. I love Beth and Mick, and the series is evolving nicely. I hope it isn't a casualty of the writer's strike, which looks to be soon coming to an end. I have my fingers crossed on that front.


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