Saturday ramblings

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Am I the only whose emotions seem to bounce and forth between good and bad? Sometimes I really wonder about it. I know there is some kind of chemical unbalance going on in my head, but I hate doctors and I hate the thought of medication. I've found a way to manage my life with a sense of happiness, and some might say that is the important part of all. I'm glad its February. The holidays and January are such a hard time for me personally. So many days to celebrate, but at the same time those days where it is time to celebrate just remind me of those that aren't with me. It would have been my mother's birthday this week, and she would have been seventy years old if she had lived to see fifty-eight. I still miss her each and every day. I even dreamed her this week, so I know in some way she is still with me. They do say those that have left usually use dreams to contact us, and that makes sense. The past month has been a down month, but things are getting better. They can only go up from here.


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