Thursday Thirteen #11

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Thirteen Favorite Grammy Artists

This is in honor of the Grammy's show this past weekend. I was pleasantly surprised by it. There were some old faces I hadn't seen perform in a long time. Morris Day and Tina Turner were both great to see. I think the night would have been even more perfect if Prince had performed too. The fact he was in attendance to present the night Morris Day once again takes the stage reminded me of Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge and their old rivalry. Good night definitely. These are just some of my favorites who have appeared at the Grammy's over the years and this year as well in no particular order.

1. Madonna
2. Michael Jackson
3. Ricky Martin
4. Carrie Underwood
5. Tina Turner
6. Prince
7. Beyonce
8. Aerosmith
9. Shakira
10. Melissa Etheridge
11.Paula Abdul
12. Coldplay
13. Sugarland

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


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