Friday, February 08, 2008

Here it is. Friday afternoon. Have you ever cleaned your keyboard out? Actually pop off all the keys and see what is underneath. I did that yesterday, and man was it filthy. I needed to clean it out, and now my keyboard is clean but it is being picky. A few of the keys are sticking and won't type right. The space key is one of them, and it is getting annoying. I'm hoping it is just temporary, but we will see. Good news is the writer's strike looks to be about over. A deal has been signed and it is now going to the writer's tomorrow. We will see if it goes through, but all signs look good. Television will return. We've had some new programming, but not enough. I miss my Grey's Anatomy. Lost is keeping me busy though. I want to know who the other three that make it off the island are. They are keeping us in suspense. With the strike ending, I hope this means we'll end up getting a full season of Lost. I have my fingers crossed. Who do you think the other three are? So far we know Kate, Jack and Hurley.


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