Fly fly away

Monday, February 04, 2008

With the Super Bowl now over, everyone that came here to my city is now flying back home to wherever they live. The airport is probably back with travelers. Not only did we have the Super Bowl here this weekend, but last week over half a million attended the FBR Open. It was a good week for the city of Phoenix. Today though, it is raining and cold. I froze just going out to grab the mail a bit ago. It made me wish I could fly somewhere where it was nice a warm. So many are leaving the city today. Makes you wonder where everyone is going. I'm sure none of them are taking any flights to Egypt, but I know I sure would. It's some place I've always wanted to go. When I was growing up Ancient Egypt always fascinated me. I used to read up on it, and I just loved talking about it. It is the home of kings and the pyramids. They stand in the middle of the desert, and you wonder just how in the hell they got there in the first place. Were they created by hands of humans or as some believe were they created by aliens? We may never know, but its fun to think about, isn't it?


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