Super Bowl 2008 Ads

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Bowl is tomorrow, and this year it is here in my town of Phoenix. This week is also the FBR Golf Tournament, so the town has been a bit crazy with traffic and people coming in for either one or both events. I actually have the chance to attend the FBR open if I want to. My brother has two passes for tomorrow's finals, but I'm not much of a golf fan. If he had two tickets for tomorrow's football game then it would be an entirely different story. I'd love to go to that game tomorrow. Instead, I'll be here watching it from an hour away in the comfort of my bedroom with the television on. Television means ads, and we all know Super Bowl is known for the big ads. Many will air tomorrow. SunSilk has released one using the images of Madonna and Shakira for their promotion. Marilyn Monroe is also featured. I've been a fan of Madonna since I was a young girl, and Shakira is a new favorite in recent years. The ad is short and flashy with star appeal. That might end up making it stand out this Super Bowl. Using you can get ringtones and games for your cell phone. Check out the ad below!


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