226. Good news!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news to share with all of you. I have hinted at something being in the works over at Media Village, the site I work with, for about a month now, but I wasn't able to give details until now.

Media Village has given me my own forum. The forum will work in conjunction with my blog on Media Village, Thoughts from the Couch, and my review site, One Couch Critic. On my forum you can find topics for all the series I watch on a weekly basis. In addition to the show topics, I have fun topics in which you can discuss your favorite movies, quotes, couples and so on. I'll also keep everyone that visits my forum up to date on celebrity, television and movie news.

I'm very excited. I had hoped to have my own home on the message board, and now that hope has turned into a reality! So hop on over to my forum and check it out! To post, just join the main forum and go back down to my sub forum for Thoughts from the Couch.


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