263. Heartbreaking football!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Well as most of you know I'm a huge football nut, so with this weekend's divisional playoffs, my attention has been glued to the television screen. Two of my teams I wanted to see do well have been kicked out this week. It's actually been a nail biting weekend with injuries and players not performing up to their normal abilities.

I also ate something that just didn't agree with me, and I'm shockingly going to bed at earlier than normal hours for me, which is usually around 5am. Last night I was in bed just before 3:30, which is still late, but early enough for me. I just don't get much done at all during the weekends. I have two new reviews up on my review site this weekend. One a CD review on Sugarland's, Twice the Speed of Life, and the other a movie review on Vin Diesel's The Pacifier.

I think I have a plan of attack fiction wise, but with my stomach going south on me last night I wasn't able to implement it as I planned. Today, my father is preparing my birthday dinner, even if my birthday is officially tomorrow. He is making me a roast, and he already brought me home a chocolate cake, which happens to be my favorite.

Yesterday, I went book shopping and I picked up a copy of Suzanne McMinn's The Beast Within which I have wanted to read for awhile. Last week, I received an ARC of Larger than Life by Alison Kent, and last month I received a copy of Maria Isabel Pita's, Cat's Collar. These books are on top of my two assigned books to review for Romance Divas, A Bit of Sass and Nocturnal Urges. Both of which are pictured on my sidebar. There are so many books to read, and I don't have the time to read them all at once.  Am I the only one that has to be in a certain frame of mind to read? If  I'm stressed, I just don't enjoy it as much.

I hope you're all well. Have a great Sunday. Don't forget to check out my Blog of the Week! Today is its last day, and I'll be picking a new blog to list on my sidebar by Tuesday!


Michelle said...

I don't think I could handle those hours! Wow. I'm a ten p.m. kind of girl. :)

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