267. Restless dreams

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Do you ever have one of those dreams that stays with you long after you had it? I had one of those dreams last night. Here I am about to go to bed tonight, and it is still playing over and over in my mind.  It wasn't even that big of a dream, but perhaps the fact that it is still on my mind is telling me something.

I've been really on edge lately. Not in a bad way, more restless than anything. I see things happening, and I want them to happen faster. I want things now. I don't want to wait, but then you also have the saying that good things come to those that wait. Do you ever get tired of waiting though?

I think I'm at that point, but there isn't much I can do other than wait. Another saying is that patience is a virtue. Thing is being patient hasn't been one of my stronger points. I'll work on that. Right now I'm off to work on some sleep.


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