271. Missing

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I was writing an update in here about seven hours ago, when my dad told me our oldest cat had run out, but he was sure he ran back in. He was cooking dinner, and things got a bit smoky in our kitchen, so he opened the front door. I began to look for my cat in the house, just to make sure he was indeed in here, and I couldn't find him anywhere.

I began to search for him outside, and still nothing. A neighbor said a cat ran in to their apartment, but they threw him back out and locked their door. I described my cat, and they said it sounded like the one that ran in.

It's been seven hours now, and my baby still isn't home. We've put some of his things right outside the front door, and we're hoping he comes home. I've had him ten years now, and he's like a kid to me, and my best friend all rolled into one. He needs to be by me at all times.

I can look over my shoulder or by my feet, and there Bobo is sound asleep. If I get up and leave the room for longer than five minutes, he comes to find me. Please keep his safe return to me in your thoughts. I love my cats more than words can say, but Bobo is extra special to me.

I just want him home. My brother says that cats are the best at finding their way back home, but Bobo is a totally indoor cat. He doesn't go out without one of us with him or nearby. He has never run away in the ten years we've had him. I feel weird even without him here. The house feels empty.

I'll keep you all posted. I'm hoping when I wake up in the morning, he's back. if not, I intend to search all I can. Hopefully the light of day will make things easier.


Shawn said...

Hugs Gina! I am sure Bobo will be home safe and sound in the morning from his adventure. I'm keeping him in my thoughts for a speedy return home.

Gina said...

Thanks, Shawn! No sign of him yet. I'm going out to look again in a bit.

Silma said...

{{{Gina}}} Sorry to hear about your cat missing. I hope the naughty boy is just chasing a little pussycat tail like all males, and he is back when he is tired of fooling around. I know how it feels to lose one's pet. My 14-yr.-old dog died almost 2 months ago, and sometimes I turn around and expect to see him sitting waiting for me to go to my room.

Dirty Butter said...

We have our first indoor cat ever, after years of having outdoor cats run over or run away. I have a fear of this very thing happening. Hope your beloved Bobo comes home soon.

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