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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Well this year certainly isn't turning out how I planned it to. Between the problems with my Internet connection, and my now coming down with a cold, this year is definitely not starting as planned. I know these are temporary roadblocks in the grand scheme of things. I'm hoping the connection issues are now resolved. After five visits in house with different techs, they finally said it wasn't a problem with my wiring in here.

I could have told them that two visits back, but they wouldn't listen to me of course! Finally, this last tech that came out Tuesday afternoon said the signals were too high, and COX needed to do maintenance at the main box because he wasn't allowed. He did a reading check, and then scheduled for COX to come out. Well, the guy from COX was here this afternoon, and the signal levels are better, and I haven't been kicked off today.

However, the problem mostly occurs in the early afternoon to evening between noon and six. If I play with the wires a bit, I can get it to stabilize enough not to kick me, but I shouldn't have to jiggle any wires or do anything of the sort to get a reliable connection. I'll see how things go tomorrow and through the weekend. I'm hoping the small line tweaks the tech said he did from the main box down to my box outside my apartment fixes the issue. The tech did mention that the main line was cut here in the last month, so the problems I am experiencing are probably related to that. He checked everything, and he said he replaced something as well. So hopefully this fixes it like I said.

I'm just very frustrated with the whole situation, and my connection works wonderfully each and every night. I have a great high-speed connection that blows my dial-up out of the water. I just want a stable connection. It is only the afternoon hours that seem to like to play with me, and that is when I try to get a lot of my work done. Today, before the tech showed to check the box, I was knocked off five times in ten minutes. Then I jiggled the wires a bit, and it stayed on mostly. I think I was kicked once that hour. I'm thinking if this doesn't work, I'm just going to have to deal with jiggling the wires every afternoon. There is nothing left for them to do at my ISP.

I'm also sick, which only adds to my frustration today. Had a bit of a blowup with my father over my writing and how I'm being lazy. He sees me sitting watching television, and to him I'm being lazy. He doesn't honestly understand the fact that I'm being paid in a sense to watch those television shows because I'm paid to write about them. I was hoping with the nice little check I received after Christmas things would click in his head, but after today's discussion I see that isn't the case. He says I'm wasting my talents, but he doesn't understand that by writing I'm actually using the talents God gave me. He gave me the power to write, and I am using it. It just isn't easy to get things going, but there is progress. More and more progress as each week passes. My horoscope for this year even looked promising.

Capricorn: You first since it is your birthday month.Caps have the publishing planet (Jupiter) in their House of Dreams and Wishes . The Big Sale, Acquisition, or Merger is more likely in '06 than in any year in the last 10. I've seen true miracles ( pinnacles at least) happen with this house position, so expect the best outcome in all your ventures. Congratulations in advance.

I really hope my horoscope is true; I really want to make 2006 a big year for me. I just wish one of the most important people in my life saw how well I am progressing.


I’m sorry you’re feeling so sick, Gina. It seems to be that time of year for an abundance of nasty colds and flu. Hope you’re feeling much better soon!

As to your dad, ah, Gina, this is difficult. Alas, some of us struggle so hard and for so long seeking the approval and acceptance of our parents, only to never hear the longed-for words uttered. To the best of their ability they love us and care for us and want to see us happy and secure, but, of course, they’re using their own definition of those terms, not ours. Their vision for us and our future is usually vastly different than our own.

My advice is to follow your heart, Gina, and continue to do those things that make your creative soul feel whole and complete. Life is simply too short to do otherwise. While you may never achieve that hoped for sanction from your father, you will at least find satisfaction, pleasure and fulfillment in your chosen field. The alternative is to become whatever it is your dad has in mind (accountant, doctor, teacher, lawyer, etc.) and be sad, miserable and unfulfilled--and always thinking, If only… And you know what? Solidly entrenched in a field of your dad’s choosing, and making a good living, he still may find something to grouse about. Such is the nature of family.

I’m wishing you all the best, my friend.

Hi Gina,

Just thought I'd drop you a message. I'm a writer (or hope to be one - its kind of a decision I've recently made) and I really liked reading your blog.

I've got to say I don't talk to my parents much, and haven't yet told them about my attempt to follow the dream (as it where).

Anyway, just thought I'd drop you a line,

All my best

The Wandering Novelist,

Gina said...

Thank you for your comment, Daisy. I plan to continue forward with my writing. I know no other way.

Thanks for stopping by The Wandering Novelist. you've made the first step down a bumpy road, but sometimes the bumps go away and leave you with the best life has to offer. Stop by anytime!

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