270. Sweet Release

Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been crazy a bit, and I know my daily blogging ritual has suffered because of it. I never imagined things could get so busy, but they have. This week has been hectic to say the least. I'm still fully behind this blog because it allows me to talk to all of you out there. Daily posts might be a thing of the past however because I was only able to do those because I had the time to blog here everyday. Now my two entertainment blogs need daily updates, and it becomes a matter of enough time in the day. If only you could find all the energy and time to do each and every single thing you wanted to do each and every day. It would be nice.

This weekend I need to pull out the WIP I've been working with my mentor on, and get cracking. I'm really seeing some weeks I'll get nothing done between Tuesday and Thursday. Those are my busiest television nights, and I need to stay on top of things. Never thought I'd be happy to see a show have a repeat airing, but it eases up the workload on me a bit. Thank God for my brand new DVR. It certainly is making things a bit easier on me too.

Earlier I was talking to my brother about releases. That thing one does to make the stressful moments not all that bad because you know once its passed you can calm and relax yourself doing this one thing that always seems to settle your mood. For him, it is sports. He watches sports. He coaches several youth teams here in the area, and just watching a game on television or going to see one live in the area relaxes him.

He asked me what mine was, and I had to think about it for a second. I couldn't say writing because sometimes it is writing causing the stress, as much as I love to do it. So I was stumped for a second, and then I thought of it. My release is music. I can't really sing, but I love listening to music. I have my favorite artists and my obsessions. I have mentioned in this blog the love I have for the band Bon Jovi.  This week, I found two rare extended live performances of theirs online that I had known of for a long time, but I hadn't been able to find. Well, I finally did, and once I had them in my possession I've been listening to them non-stop. I love Bon Jovi live. I wish they were coming here on tour, but they decided to not make Phoenix a stop. I've gone the last two times they did.  In 1996, I was sixth row center.

Music just helps my mood. I have songs or CD's that I listen in certain moods. I have songs to help me feel better. I have songs for when I'm angry or upset. I look for the right CD, and the song starts to play. Like an old friend it helps the pain, the happiness, and even when I want to just party all by myself it is there.

What is your release?


Dawno said...

Reading. I love a good escapist book. Thrillers, fantasy with a humorous twist, Star Trek novels, that's my release. I read the more serious stuff too, but that's more because I also love a well crafted tale - it won't necessarily take me completely away from my worries.

Great post!

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