257. A Few Quick Things

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I wanted to drop in real quick because there was something I forgot to mention in my post last night. In my email yesterday, I received notice that one of the blogging exchanges I recommended on this site has been shut down. BlogTraffic.Org is no more. It was a newer site that just opened in the last month or so, and they had some problems, so they shut down. I need to go edit them out of my sidebar and my traffic exchange report here in a moment. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on that.

Also, this morning, I redid the layout on my fiction blog, so hop on over to Eroticisms to take a look. Things have been a bit quiet on my fiction blog the last few months, but I'm really hoping to change that in 2006. I still had a base layout from Blogger, and things just looked a bit blah there to me. I like the new layout a lot more, and it is still very simple. I like simple.

Lastly, check out my new Blog of the Week on my sidebar! This week we have Mystical Incense & More. The blog for the company Mystical Incense, as well as a personal blog for its owner Stephanie Davies. Check her blog out for more about the candles, bath & body products and incense she makes!


Jpatrick said...

Hi. Just stopping by here. Do you know of any print markets that take short form romance stories? It looks like Arabella is out of business. Thanks--Steve

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