And 2008 begins ...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Even though I just typed 2009, the year is 2008. Instead of typing 2007, I keep typing 2009 instead. That is just a bit insane, but whatever works. It's a year with a renewed outlook in which I hope to leave the past behind. Things have been tough in 2007, especially the last four or five months. I think I came out stronger in the end because of it. They do say what doesn't kill you does make you stronger. I'm not even sure how many times I've heard that infamous saying. Well, I'm not dead.

Money has been extra tight, so I didn't get the iPod I've been wanting. I might just save up and get it for myself. I was looking at this site today where you can buy a ipod case. They also have cases that work for cell phones and even laptops and macbooks. They protect your screens and covers from scratches. I know I'm hard on things, and my brother is even worse when it comes to his cell phone. This might just be perfect for him. I know it'll be perfect for me. I just need to save up and get me an actual iPod to go with it!


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