Do you Yawp?

Monday, January 14, 2008

In this day and age, online video content is becoming more and more popular. Once sites like Youtube started to pop up, people got more and more into sharing their own video creations. If you have a web cam or a video camera, you can jump in with your own videos. Some do simple ones, but I've seen a great many that are detailed and complexed turning content into mini-movies and television shows. I know there has even been a few that have jumped from an online forum to the small screen, and with more people doing it there should be more in the time to come. Today I found YawpBox which is a site where people can upload and share their videos. It looks like a small site, but it will more than likely catch on.

I watched some of the videos on the site, and my favorite was this one where a romantic first dance by a couple that just got married turned into a hip hop dance off with husband and wife shaking their butts. Definitely good to see some people having fun at a wedding! And yes, baby got back! By posting your videos to sites like YawpBox, more people will get to see them. They might even be inspired by your video and post one in response. Your video might even hit television. Right now, two guys named Lex and Terry and going through those videos posted on the site to pick ones to air on YawpBoxTV, a thirty minute television program where all the show's content will come straight from the site. Lex and Terry are challenging people to create content for their show each week. Is your video good enough to make it? Reminds me a bit of America's Funniest Home Videos back in the day. Of course now with online media that show would take on a whole new look, and it might look something like this.


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