A piece of heaven

Friday, January 11, 2008

With my feeling better tonight, I've found myself surfing along the internet a bit more. I'm not planning to push it though because the first day of feeling alright you can overdo it and end up sick all over again. I definitely do not want to do that, but right now I'm enjoying not feeling sick.That is the first step to being well anyway. Tonight, I'm looking at clothes. I keep telling myself I want to buy new clothes, but I never end up going out to actually do it. The stores can be a nightmare to deal with, and there is just something about shopping for clothes online that just bugs me.

What if it doesn't end up fitting? What if there is a hole or rip in it? I know these are questions easily answered if I ever wanted to venture into shopping for clothes online, but it is still fun to look. Tonight, I found a junior clothing store with some great deals. Every thing is under $17.95. Not one cent more. I saw some cute tops there that I wouldn't mind picking up. This is adorable, and I'd love to own it. I love how everything is so reasonably priced there. I might have to give them a serious look. I'll have to just tread carefully.


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