The Method To Happiness

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Over the years of having this blog, I've mentioned suffering from depression time and again. There are certain times of the year where he hits harder than others, and that is usually around the holidays. The summer months are also a difficult. Finding a way to be happy all of the time is difficult, and I've always felt there is no way to always be happy. You can try to find it, but it might not happen. Today I was reading about a program called The Sedona Method which a method used to face the negative in your life and deal with it in order to find your own happiness. The program caught my eye because it has the name of a city here in Arizona attached to it. Granddaughter to Ernest Hemingway is one of the lead people working with this program with her happy for no reason plan. Another one of the programs teachers is Hale Dwoskin. The program seems to work for a lot of people to help them find a new level of happiness. Right now, they are offering a free DVD and CD about the program to learn more about it. I know I am all about being happy, and sometimes you just need a new way of thinking in order to find happiness.


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