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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The weekend is here. I love the weekends, but when they hit I always seem to get lazier than the rest of the week. I did get some writing done last night. I decided to go to the old pen and paper route, and I got a page done. I'll type it in here in a bit. The words just seemed to flow easier. I'm not the faster writer, but I'm working on getting more done when I sit down to write. I'm just very easily distracted. I'm working on that. I seem to work better on my fiction late at night, but for nonfiction writing it is afternoon to early evening.

A few quick links to share with all of you:

The Romance Divas now have a blog, which you can find here. The blog was originally going to be put in blogspot, but was changed in the last day or two before I was able to pimp it. If you have the blogspot address, change it to this one above. Things are still being worked on, but everything should be up and running in the next few days.

Following the RWA controversy in recent days, a list has been started to possibly discuss the formation of an erotic romance writer's association. That can be found here. Discussion has just begun, so if you're interested in that in any way maybe check the list out.

Also a humorous take on the RWA situation was offered by PBW here.

Quick edit: Found this on my livejournal friends page, and I thought I would share. You input the words requested, and it creates a short scene or drabble for you. Mine is funny! Go here to try it. My drabble is below.

I'm Dreaming Of A Double Christmas
It was Christmas Eve. John sat decisively on the desk, sipping sensitive eggnog.
He looked at the strong desk hanging on the Christmas Tree and sighed. Last year, Eric had hung it there, just before they looked at each other angrily and then fell into each other's arms and rubbed each other's chest.
If only I hadn't been so indescent, John thought, pouring a anal amount of rum into his eggnog. Then Eric might not have got so objective and left me all alone at Christmas time. He wiped away a handsome tear and held his leg in his hand.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and then an ancient voice lifted loudly up in song.
I'm dreaming of a double Christmas
Just like the sun after the storm
John ran to the door. It was Eric, looking serious all over with snow.
I missed you untimely," Eric said. "And I wanted to rub your chest again."
John hugged Eric and started to sob.
"I think you're drunk," Eric said.
"I think so too," John said and they rubbed each other's chest until they knocked the Christmas tree over.
On Christmas Day, they ate roasted cat finger and lived just until John got drunk again.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.


Skarr said...

I was interested by your profile.

I have also written a novel, a highly erotic novel about a barbarian princess set in ancient Rome, around 120 BC.

I'm always interested in feedback from other writers in the genre and would appreciate if you can check my novel out.

Visit my blog at http://romanhistorical.blogspot.com

Suzanne said...

Oh no. You are in cahoots with those department store people who start talking about Christmas earlier and earlier every day. It's only June! No Christmas talk! LOL! (But cool link anyway....)

Gina said...

Skarr, I dropped by your blog, and I'll return to give it another look soon.

Hahah Suzanne! I didn't write it. I was really amused the drabble creator made a christmas drabble. It is June after all. We got months to get into gear for Christmas. I was amused by it to say the least.

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