71. The image of romance

Thursday, June 16, 2005

In today's post over at Romancing the Blog, Tara Gelsomino discusses romance nove novels and the Romantic Times. It is a direct response to a post made a few days ago in Romancing the Blog. In Tara's post today, she discusses the image of romance and the image of the Romantic Times. Tara says that romance is seen as fluffy and silly, and that is why the magazine is seen that way. If we want that image to change, the books need to change.

I agree and disagree with that statement. I feel there will always be a market for the more traditional fluffy, silly, happily ever after type romances. I think readers are wanting more though, and the writer's are wanting to write more stories. different types of stories than the ones told in the past. The stories are getting hotter. Some are more based in reality. Instead of fluffy. Yes, there is a time for every type of story. Personally, I've read the fluffier stories in the past, but even my own tastes have changed. Five years ago, I went from reading only the fluffy and silly to reading gay fiction. Yes, that was a change. I still read romance, but now I also read gay romances as well.

Gay fiction tends to be more gritty, packs more of a punch, and yes it is gaining in popularity. I've seen more and more authors in the loops I'm on over on Yahoo! Groups say they write male/male in addition to their romance. Gay fiction is starting to sell more and more. Which I am glad to see. In my opinion, their is room for all kinds of romance stories. The basis for any romance story is the love between two people. It shouldn't really matter if it is between a man and a woman, two men, or two women. There will be readers for each of them and writer's that write each of them as well. Not everyone might like one or the other. Some don't like fluffy. Some don't like gritty. Some frown at the thought of reading about two men, while the reverse can also be said for someone reading about a man and a woman. It is all about personal preference.

I know so much is being said about the bad rap romance gets. What it does is make me think? If we stopped talking about the bad rap, write more, write books that go against what those that talk bad about the genre think of it, perhaps the outlook people have in regards to romance would change.


Suzanne said...

I think we should ignore what people say. The people who say that stuff are never going to have their minds changed and there are PLENTY of people who love romance and are reading it in droves. They're the ones whose opinions we should care about.

Beth Ciotta said...

Nice post, Gina. I don't pay much attention to what people say regarding romance's bad rap. Worrying about it, griping about it is wasted energy. I don't feel the need to defend what I read or write. Well, once in a blue moon some narrow-minded person gets to me, but not often. As far as gay romance verses straight romance, my viewpoint is thus: Love knows no gender, race, or religion.

Gina said...

No matter if we pay attention to them or not, they will have their same opinion. I don't think very much can change those opinions, but you never know.

I agree with you about gay romance, Beth. It's all about love.

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