81. The heat wave didn't need any help ...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mood: hot
Music: Tom Petty

Technically, it isn't a heat wave, but a way of life for those that live in Arizona. It's hot here in the summers. The first summer I moved out here it hit 125. Yes, you read that right. 125. I think its hit that temp two summers I've been out here.Well, its not that today. Luckily. It hasn't even hit a 100 yet, and I'm really thanking God for that one. Why you ask? Well, yesterday the air in my apartment wasn't working up to par. I thought it was just because it was 110 out, and turned my fan on. Ignored it.

Today? The air in my building is out. Completely and totally. Since our air and hot water are somehow related, this also means we have no hot water. So taking a shower to cool off isn't going to happen because I don't find a cold shower all that appealing. When I'm too hot, I get headaches. so I had this killer one that came on around 10pm last night. There I was trying to keep cool and trying to stop my head from totally pounding.

This means I didn't get much done last night writing wise. I did post my review of the first episode of the new season of Real World over on blogcritics last night. Tonight is Queer as Folk night, so I'll have to watch and review that as well. Speaking of Queer as Folk, my review was posted a bit late this week, and I noticed it was up finally yesterday. Looks to have been posted Thursdayish I think? If you want to catch up on last week's review before tonight's episode hop on over to here.

Even though I didn't get much done, I did work on Crash into me some. Then I got distracted, but I left the boys off where they were just about to have their first kiss, and who knows what else. I'm not sure if it'll happen and they'll go all the way, which in my mind is making me laugh to myself, because it sounds so high school. I guess I'll have to try and buckle down and get them to that kiss and beyond to what happens next at some point today.

In my blog hopping today, I found a post over on Monica's blog discussing the RWR survey, and I think she put it best really when she said:

A romantic relationship is between human beings. Any human beings on the planet can fall in love.

Within the pages of fiction, romance is only limited by your imagination. To try and define who’s capable of romance within fiction is outrageous.

I totally agree with the above, and the more and more read about the survey and the RWA definition of romance, the more heated I seem to be getting. I know I'm not going to let any definition stop me from writing what I want to write because I know there are people out there that do love to read gay romance. I guess it just seems that some people are stuck in the past. Times are changing. Things that weren't popular years ago, now are becoming popular. It just makes me shake my head, and wish it didn't feel like some were trying to fight the change that is happening.

On my agenda for today, I am going to try and keep cool, watch and write my review for Queer as Folk tonight, try to find Kaelin and Daniel again, and my one writing partner IM'ed to ask if we wanted to try to get this huge scene out tonight that we've been planning the last month. Sometimes my role play seems to get me going and inspires me when it comes to my fiction, so I'm hoping that happens. Right now, I'm hotter than hell, so I'm going to end this here.

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you're all cooler than me.


Lynn Daniels said...

Good luck with all that heat! I can relate to the headaches, excessive heat does horrible things to my body.

There's been a lot of discussion about that RWR survey. One of the most frequent questions I've seen is why they're restricting romance to human beings. Kind of makes things tough for people who write fantasies and paranormals.

Sheri said...

Wow, it's hot there! Stay hydrated.

I agree on the restrictions. Are they wanting to cut several genre's completely out of the picture?!

Silma said...

First the book covers. Now the definition of romance. Sheesh! Is there a witch hunt going on?

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