60. Keeping at it

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday has come, and it is now the night. Another week is about to begin. As a writer, we don't really get weekends anymore do we? We're always writing. If you are a full time writer, you have no set hours. You write when you can. you sometimes are working on more than one thing at a time, both writing wise and in general. You write all the time, submit, and then wait, wait, wait some more. It's more of a waiting game than anything. In my blog hopping today, I read two blogs discussing this. About writer's keeping at it, working at their writing, and not quitting. No writing isn't easy, and we all have our own stories at how we do it.

Beth and Shelly Bradley writing in the Knight Agency blog both talk about writer's going for it, and not quitting. I've always heard the saying that the only writer's that make it are the ones that don't quit. I know I probably messed up the quote, and I'm not sure where to find the exact quote at the moment, but if we quit early on in the game how do we know if we could have made it?

I know I'm not quitting. I'm actually quite happy with my progress in the last few days. I'm about half way through a short I'm looking to submit to an anthology in the next couple of weeks. I have a few submission calls for nonfiction articles that look quite promising for me. I'm reviewing as well. I wrote a review on a CD being released this week that I'm hoping gets picked up, and tonight is Queer as Folk, so I'll be watching and ready to give my two cents on the episode.

I keep watching the RWA - erotic romance controversy continue on. I'm a member of the Erotica Romance Writer's forum, and I have been for a couple of months now. The forum is small but growing, and the authors there are all open and helpful. A few publishers have even joined. Emily Veinglory, one of the forum's moderators has started a blog circle for those on the ERWF. Something positive for a change supporting those that write in the genre. If you're interested in becoming a part of the blog circle or the forum check out the forum link above and check this link for the blog circle. Every so often a published work of an author will be mentioned in the blogs belonging to the circle. This is the one for today:

‘Dark Erotica’ is not a phrase that immediately makes a lot of sense. After all erotica is ‘come hither’ and dark implies ‘run, run for your lives!’ However on some strange and visceral level there is a peculiar similarity between lust and fear, And there is no doubt that a blending of the two is easily found from the ‘holy dread’ described in the classic poem ‘Kubla Khan’ to Anita Blake’s love triangle with a werewolf and a vampire lord.

Logical Lust, an e-publisher of diverse erotica, is the last to mine this rich seam. ‘Eternally Noir’ is a dark erotica anthology including sixteen stories including a startling variety of ideas and sexualities. The stories range from openly amusing to genuinely spooky and are, in my entirely biased opinion, well worth the $3.95:

Eternally Noir

Happy Sunday everyone.


Suzanne said...

Gina, that's so true and just the bottom line. Never quit. The only way to know for sure that you'll never sell is to quit. Keep writing, and magic is just around the corner!

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