82. Random Monday Ramblings

Monday, June 27, 2005

You really don't know how much the heat can drain you until you actually go out into it. I tried going out and doing the daily walk thing, as I mentioned in my blog a couple of weeks back, but with this heat it is next to impossible. Five minutes in it, and you're waiting to be back inside. Today, I went VCR shopping. I didn't end up getting one because the one I went for was sold out. The salesman offered the floor model if I was interested. I was not. The sales man then nicely pointed out that he'd had problems with that model anyway, so he suggested the one on shelf below. I glanced down, and saw it was about twenty dollars more than the one I came in for, and I knew I could get one for about ten dollars cheaper at another store. So I left.

I know it is only twenty dollars, but it is still twenty dollars out of my budget at the moment. My VCR died about a month ago, and since I'm doing television reviews, a VCR would be nice to have. The only other one in the house is in the other room, and I knew I could just as easily taken out of that room and moved into mine, but I didn't want to. Well, I had to today. At least I have one that works until I can find another one in my budget. I want one of those new DVD/VCR combination deals. In order to move the good VCR to my room, I had to fight with the wires for an hour. After a lot of maneuvering and some loud cursing on my part, the VCR is in, and I can use this for awhile in any case.

I turned in my column on Queer as Folk's episode last night, and I have to say I really enjoyed this episode. The paste few episodes have left me a little cold. I know the show is capable of better, and I know my column reflected that. I felt more like a critic than a reviewer, and I know there is a fine line between the two usually. It's sent in now, and now I just have to wait for it to go up. Well, wait, my column is already up. I just checked! If you want to read about what I thought of last night's Queer as Folk episode, go on over to here.

As for my fiction writing, it seems to be like pulling teeth right now to come out, and I have no idea why. At first the characters were just being so cooperative and working for me. now it seems like they are just standing there, and no matter how many times I poke them with this stick I have around for just that purpose, they don't seem to want cooperate. I'm hoping this is just a result of the heat, my headaches, and that's it. I was really enjoying playing with Kaelin and Daniel.

Over the weekend, I'd been following this discussion about the Book Saddam Hussein had written. Apparently from what I've read this isn't his first book. This last one of four he has published finished just before things got bad in Iraq. I'm not sure exactly what I think of the man writing books. He's written and sold, and even the problems he is having getting his last one published, it is still perplexing to me. I'm not even going to comment on the politics or any of that. I guess I'm more interested if anyone else had heard about and what they thought more than anything. I also heard that the Supreme Court passes a ruling against one of the file sharing services, and that is interesting to me as well, but I need to read more on what the exactly the ruling stated before I discuss it.

Anyway, I'm off to cool off. I just finish fighting the wires tangled in the back of my television set, and I'm hot and oddly drained. Must be the heat like I said. At least the air conditioning was finally fixed. Only took them til 11pm.


Jill said...

We still haven't gotten hot here in Tahoe. I'm WAITING!!!!

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