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Monday, June 20, 2005

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Beth posted in her blog today about blogs and how authors that use them should be aware of what they write in their blogs, so as not to offend. I've heard the stories as we all have. People getting fired because of what they wrote in their journal or blog, comments made in one person's blog being discovered by friends or family and it causing problems. In one format or another I've had a blog for about four years now. Mostly of the locked variety. This is the first time I've kept my blog totally open for the public.

During the time I've had my journals, through various sites and usernames, I've seen the problems that journals can cause first hand. I've lost friendships because of statements I've made in my journal about the last election. I didn't even make a very powerful stance, but I offended someone I considered a friend, and our friendship deteriorated quite quickly. Things I've said my personal journal have caused anger among people I know. It's kind of sad that even who I had one listed as a friend caused problems. When one person doesn't like the other, they expect you to not like them either. Sometimes life on the journal sites remind me of a the worst version of high school.

When I started my blog, I was happy to not find the same existed out here in what I have begin to call blogland. I tell my friends about blogs I visit. If I find something funny, I have no problems sharing a link with them. I don't mind sharing my amusement when it comes to those blogs I find and read. I think having this blog has helped me see things in a different light when it came to journaling online.

Before my blog, I have no problem admitting I was a part of the high school mentality, but I knew I couldn't stay that way. I needed to grow up and move away from all of that. I've actually contemplated just closing my personal journal and keeping to just my blog. I write in here daily. I'm lucky to write something more than a one liner in my journal once a week, but I use that journal now to keep up with the people I have made friends with. No other reason. I feel more of a connection to my blog.

And yes, I try to remember when I do write in here that it is public and anyone can read it. I take what I've learned from previous experience, and I try not to repeat the same mistakes. When I sit down here to write in my blog daily, I'm not setting out to offend. This blog is more for me to share my writing experiences. I've found this blog invaluable because it has allowed me to meet other writer's as well. Since I began blogging using this blog back in March, I've written so much more than I had been in previous months. I look at my hit count, and I see it hitting near 2,000, and that just surprises me. I never thought people would want to follow me on this journey of mine, but they have.

A bit about that journey, I turned in my review for the week. I'm waiting to either hear from the editor or see it go live. Yesterday, I had the worst headache imaginable, but it finally went away around ten PM, so I was able to rough out my review, and I also wrote a couple of drabble like snippets for one of my projects this months. A Chicken Soup for the Soul submission call that deadlines soon. I hope to type those in, and send them off in a day or so.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


Shari said...

You can't help it if some people don't value your opinions, but really - you wouldn't be you if you thought like everyone else! My blog is quickly becoming a necessity to me as far as helping me grow as a writer, too!

Nonny said...

If someone has a problem with a comment I make in my personal journal or blog, to the point that it's worth writing me off as a friend in a fit of drama over ... then they're really not someone I want to keep as a friend. Real friends don't pull that shit. Real friends will agree to disagree.

When Evolution formed two years ago, we had trouble from some people at our former writing community who outright told members there, "If you're a member or a friend of anyone there, then I'm not your friend anymore." My response to this has been and always will be, "Grow up."

Write what you want to, and damn the people who have a problem with it.

Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by Shari! My blog has been great in getting me to right more.

I'm no longer friends with the people that have had issues in the past. I did in fact tell them to grow up. I think it is more of walking a bit of a professional line. After hearing some stories where people were fired for things said, that is more of an issue to me.

Maria said...


I live in Greece and internet is not very widely spread here. I would be very surprised if I saw any friends from the real world here.

I realise that everything we post on a web - journal goes public so I wouldn't say something offensive. But then again everything we say or post could be considered offensive under a certain light.

The bottom line is you can't please everyone so you miht as well stop trying! If you end up losing friends these friends weren't worth having in the first place.

Beth Ciotta said...

Hi Gina! I so enjoy coming here and reading your blog. Good luck with the WIPs. Oh, and I like your new 'look'. Nice!

Humor Girl said...

Well...HOLY CRAP...we're saying what everyone is thinking. Their feelings are probably MOSTLY hurt because they weren't "invited" to read your blog in the first place. However, the reason they weren't invited...-because you KNEW they would react this way to something!?
Get over it and get your own blog! :)

Gina said...

I agree, Maria. You really can't please everyone with everything you say. The ones that end up mattering are the ones that want to read what you have to say.

Thanks, Beth! I figured it was time for a change.

Thanks for stopping by, Jen.

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