72. Firsts ...

Friday, June 17, 2005

The first in question today is my kitten's first bath, which I gave him today. Honestly, I had been putting it off for a bit now because of experiences I've had with oldest cat while bathing him. He bites, claws, scratches, yowls, and just about everything else a cat does when they don't want to do something. I feared the same would happen with the kitten, but I just threw him in right now since he has developed this thing with staring at the bathtub. I'll just walk into the bathroom, and there he sits staring. Good news, my kitten is way different than my cat in temperament. He just sat there in the tub, let me pour water over him, and it was relatively painless for the both of us. Now he is running around the house trying to dry himself off. I gave him his treats for being so good in the bath, and I know next time he won't behave badly, so I won't put it off as long.

In other news, I had a productive night writing wise. I've been dealing with allergies all week, so I've been focusing on my nonfiction. I've been writing a paragraph or two every night in my one story, Crash into me, every night, but I hadn't typed in anything. I did that last night, and I am really happy with how story is going along. We have some sexual tension, more on the side of my alien for a moment. However, where I left off, the other half of the equation had a chance to show if he was at all interested, so I'll pick up there tonight.

Sometimes I feel I write my fiction so slow. I write at a snail's pace, where my nonfiction I can write an article in thirty minutes to an hour and just do some minor tweaking here and there. Misspelled words, missing words, awkward wording, etc. My fiction takes so much more out of me to write, and it was where I began writing. Creating stories and characters is what I love to do. maybe as time moves on, I'll get faster writing. I just seem to get so easily distracted too. That is something I am working on.

In today's mail, I received a copy of a book I'd heard much about. I had seen it available online, and since the book is out of print, the only way to read it is to find a used copy or read it on the website someone had set up for it once it went out of print. When it comes to writing books or articles, I tend to like to have the book or a print out in front of me so I can make notes, highlight passages when necessary. So I had been looking to see if a copy of this book popped up on Amazon, and this week it finally did so. So now I finally have Lars Eighner's "How to write and sell gay erotica." I've heard a lot of good things about it, and I hope to page through it later. I'm still reading "On Writing" too, and I'm enjoying that. The first half of the book reads like an autobiography, but not. Stephen knows how to tell a story, even if it is the story of his life this time around.


Lynn Daniels said...

I had to laugh at your kitten story, but congrats on the productive writing night! I'm sure you'll start writing quicker as you move along on your journey. At least, I hope so, because that's what I keep telling myself. *g*

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