69. The innocent one

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Last night was just one of those nights I could not get my mind to focus. I was hot, headachy, tired, and my mind just wouldn’t click into gear. When the person I role play my one storyline with signed on unexpectedly, I actually welcomed the distraction and lost myself in that for a few hours. Afterward, I tried writing a bit, and I got a page of what I had written out, and then I stopped. Hard to focus when you’re sneezing and feeling miserable.

As, I was getting ready to go to bed last night, I was listening to my Winamp, playing a quick game of Gin to relax my mind. The game is quite noisy. Cards shuffling and the like. Well, suddenly their is no sound. I investigate. Can find no reason. So I start to check the wiring, and low and behold someone had chewed threw the wire. Actually something might be more appropriate. My kitten, JJ. I've had him since he was six weeks, and he is about 4 months old now.

Looks innocent doesn't he? Not the type to chew through wires? Oh no, not him. That's what he likes you to think when he looks up at you with those cute little eyes, his head tilted just so.

"I'm innocent. You gotta believe me. Would I lie to you?"

So today I went out and picked up a set of new speakers, kitten proofed my wiring, and now I'm here trying to keep cool. It was 102 when we went out today. On the way back, also picked up the new Alanis Morissette CD, which I found out is exclusively at Starbucks for the next six weeks. I was surfing around last night when I discovered that little tidbit. The CD is really amazing. Yes, it is a remake of her Jagged little pill CD, but I love acoustic stuff. I loved when Bon Jovi did their own acoustic greatest hits CD a few years ago.

In my blog hopping today, I found two blog entries that discussed why people blog? One by Beth and the other by Sylvia Day. Both talked about their own reasons for blogging. Beth discussing the amount of time blogging and blog hopping takes each day. I honestly think more of my time would be taken if not for my Sharpreader. My handy little feed reader lets me knows when the blogs I read update and sends me the actual update. Makes it easier. Sometimes, I have no idea what to say. I try to make this blog at least a little interesting to read. I just love to write in my blog, read others, and comment when I have something to say. I love looking for new blogs to read as well. Not every blog I look at catches and keeps my attention, but I have quite a few I enjoy reading on a daily basis. It is my way of connecting with other writers like myself. Dinner sounds about ready, so I'm off. Have a wonderful night everyone.


Lynn said...

I LOVE my SharpReader! I know for a fact that if I didn't have it, I'd spend way too much time blog-hopping. It really makes it easier and less time consuming.

I had to giggle about your innocent little kitten chewing through the wires.

Vicki said...

Just passing through...You've got a great blog :-)

Suzanne said...

Oh, what an adorable kitten! I LOVE CATS! I want a new kitten SO BAD but my "old" cat would kill me. He comes first. Sigh.

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