297. Feel Good Kentucky Win

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Earlier today, I was watching the Kentucky Derby with my brother. It is something we do if there is one on television. The Derby is one of the biggest races of the year though, and it is fun to see twenty horses go for it. Today’s winner, Barbaro, was trained by a man that in my mind truly deserved to see his horse win.

Seventeen years ago, Michael Matz was on a plane that crashed just outside of Sioux City, Iowa. He saved three young children on their way to visit their grandparents before running in to save more. Since then he has been an Olympian, and now he trains horses. All three children survived, and they are grown now. They made it a point to be there in Kentucy at Churchill Downs for the race, and they watched the man that saved them train his horse to victory.

I just love stories like these. Good feel good stories about someone that did a good deed and then get that good deed paid back many times over. His horse was favored, but this field of horses was the best they have had in awhile. It really made it hard to see just who would win. Congrats to Barbaro and Michael Matz.

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Kelly Parra said...

Wow, that is a cool story, Gina! Stories like these are good to hear. =D

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