306. Thursday Thirteen #1

Thursday, May 18, 2006

As I mentioned back on Monday, I planned to jump into more of the weekly memes. The three I chose to jump in are Click & Comment, Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen. I'm enjoying getting out there and meeting more bloggers than just those in my little writing blogs corner. Thanks to everyone that stopped by yesteray and commented on my new picture of Mikey. I took that just a few minutes before I posted it. He actually cooperated for once!

As for Mikey, he's doing well. Still tiny. My brother and I are starting to think he might have been younger than they said he was when we adopted him from the animal shelter. Maybe even a couple of weeks earlier. He also seems to have some allergies, but he's growing by leaps and bounds daily, so we're not too worried.

Now onto to today's Thursday Thirteen. My list this week has to do with the fall schedule announcements happening this week. All the networks have now announced their schedules for next season, and I've been covering them for my entertainment blog throughout the week. My thoughts on The CW and FOX schedule announcements from this morning will be posted later on today. With the schedules being announced, we also learned the fate of some shows we hoped would be returning next year, but we now know they aren't.

Thirteen Shows I Wish Were Returning Fall 2006

1. Surface: I really loved this show. I watched it each and every week, and I fell in love with the characters. Sure, the plot was a bit out there, but the series made it work. I just don't think NBC ever gave it a real shot. Only fifteen episodes in a season that ended in February. I had a feeling it wouldn't be back.
2. Threshold: Another series that just wasn't given a chance. This time by CBS. I actually really enjoyed this. Yes, another weird plot, but it felt sort of X-files like, and I liked the cast and their characters.
3. In Justice: I was really sad to see ABC didn't pick up this show for next season. I started watching it when it premiered midseason on Friday's, and it really pulled me in.
4. NightStalker: This series scared me, and I hated how they yanked it so early on in the season. I think Sci-fi channel plans to air the episodes this summer though, so that is a good thing.
5. Pepper Dennis: This is the latest cancellation I've heard about. The CW announced its first fall schedule this morning, and Pepper Dennis was not listed on it. I hope this doesn't mean its gone for good, but I think it does. I really loved this quirky show though, and I thought it was perfect for Rebecca Romijn.
6. Courting Alex: I think schedule moves hurt this show. What I saw of it, I liked, and I think if given a more solid time slot others would have too.
7. Freddie: I really loved Freddie and his family, the best friend across the hall. I loved it all, and I watched every week. ABC had something good there, but it is being let go.
8. Still Standing: I just found this series this year, and it reminded me of a Roseanne in Reverse. I liked it, and when I heard it was ending its run I stopped watching. Why get attached?
9. Conviction: NBC hyped this one up so much this year, and now its being given the ax. I saw it a few times, and it was a good show.
10. Arrested Development: I don't watch this one much, but I know a lot of fans that do. I think FOX screwed them around a bit, and now it looks like there is no hope for this series to return.
11. Commander-in-Chief: The main star of the show wins a Golden Globe, and you put the show on two months hiatus? Then you bring it back, take it off again, and now you kill it? They are thinking about doing a television movie, but still I think ABC really dropped the ball here.
12. Alias: I just got into this show during season four, but I really liked it. I feel they are rushing to end it.
13. Will & Grace: I know its had a long run, but I still wish it wasn't going after tonight's episode.

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Tricia said...

I really liked In Justice, and Conviction. Courting Alex was ok and we do need more comedy shows ... there have been hardly any good ones this year. :( Good list!

My TT is up too.

Guppyman said...

Hey cool.... all the canceled shows on your list aren't ones i ever bothered watching...

Ardice said...

The only show I've watched on your list is "Will & Grace". It was a good show and it always made me laugh.

My TT's up. Have a wonderful evening.

Chana said...

Haven't watched any of those shows...but my TT is up!

Great Day said...

Love, love, love Arrested Development, I wish it was coming back too.

Margaret said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. Great List! Happy Thursday! -Mix

Elle said...

There's not going to be another season of Threshold? Noooo!

Hope you had a great TT
Elle x

Geggie said...

I really need to watch more TV. On your entire list, I've only ever seen Will & Grace...in reruns.

Norma said...

The only one of these I've seen (once) is Commander in Chief. When I watch TV it is usually Nick at Night (reruns) or HGTV or news. Oh, and I like old movies I missed the first time because they came out before I was born.

Laci said...

InJustice was one of my favorites...

One that's not on your list, which I LOVED was Love Monkey... great show that never got a chance... At least it introduced me to Teddy Geiger's music! :)

Happy Thursday! :)

Sarah said...

Well, I don't watch much TV... but I just wanted to say your kitten is SO cute! I got a shelter cat a couple months ago, and he turned out to be great. He's a lot bigger, though, and also a mysterious age. We think he's pretty young because he bounces.

Dramedy Girl said...

I'm going to miss In Justice too! And you're right, they are rushing Alias, but I think it's because at the beginning of this year they were given 22 eps, then I believe in January (while they were on hiatus) they found out it would be 17. Still better than some of the other stuff out there... :) I love your blog. I'm adding this one to my Blogroll too!

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