307. Preakness upset

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I survived hell week, as I had been calling this week since like two weeks ago. I knew with all the season finales and the upfront in NYC this week, I’d have a lot to write about. Some may think because one writes about television and celebrities, it is fairly easy. No, its not rocket science either, but I have to put my mind to it and focus. I like to give as much detail to my recaps as I can, so if someone misses an episode, they can feel pretty up to date on whatever happened that week, so they don’t feel they missed anything. That takes focus.

I spend anywhere from five to six hours a day working on my reviews and my entertainment blog. Sometimes less. Sometimes more. Now that I know what next season’s schedule looks like, I can start to plan what shows I will cover on my review site. The schedule will stay mostly the same, but I’m already trying to figure out how I’m going to cover three shows in one time slot when my DVR will only let me watch and tape two at the same time. I don’t have one that will tape two and let me watch one, or I’d be set.

Today, I watched The Preakness. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the first race in the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby, and its winner. This weekend, the same horse, Barbaro, was set to win again. This time though tragedy struck. After a false start by the horse, he then injured his back leg and had to pull out mid-race. It didn’t look good, and it is likely the horse will never race again.

In fact, the vet said as much when he was interviewed. The vet did say the injury didn’t look life threatening, but they couldn’t be sure of that until they did X-rays and looked at the horse more closely.  The crowd in the stands was upset as many shed tears over the loss of Barbaro. It is severe fracture, and I hope they don’t have to put him down.

In other news, there was some great television this week. Was I the only one that wasn’t too happy with the Will & Grace finale? Maybe because I hadn’t watched the show religiously in a bit, but it just didn’t feel like a proper ending to me. Now with most of the season finales out of the way, I can turn my focus elsewhere. I’ll only be covering a few shows over the summer starting with the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday night. As many of you might recall, I covered that series for Blogcritics last season. Now my reviews will be up on my review site only.

I’ve been looking to change the template on this blog lately, and I thought I found the perfect one today, but it won’t work properly with the javascript from my auto-linker. I’ll keep looking, but for now I changed this one up a bit. I didn’t like the last background so much after I put it up. I think that’s all for now. Have a wonderful night everyone.


Brian said...

I haven't watched W&G in ages and am glad I resisted the tempation to watch the finale.

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