300. Major League Baseball Goes Pink

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I just heard about this today, so I thought I'd share. For this Mother's Day Sunday, some Major League Baseball players will have special bats to use to hit those homers out of the park. In honor of Mother's Day and to help out the Susan G. Komen Foundation, pink bats will be used during today's games, and once the games are done the player will sign the bat, and it will go up for auction. All proceeds going to the foundation. One team bat will also be signed and that too will go up for auction.

Breast cancer is something that has touched every person's life in some way. Whether it be a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin or a friend. Chances are you've known someone that has had this disease. Good news is the disease is treatable when caught early enough.

Television shows in recent years have also stepped up to make people more aware of the disease and its treatment. In recent months on The L Word, Erin Daniels' character Dana died of breast cancer. On Guiding Light, there is a current story line of one of the major long standing characters, Reva Shayne-Lewis, developing breast cancer. I've been tuning in to watch that play out in recent weeks. Both characters are strong women, and seeing them deal with this disease is interesting. Life doesn't always work as the death of Dana showed on The L Word. Fans were angered by her death, but it was played out well.

I applaud Major League Baseball for standing up like this for this great cause. Every little bit helps. Don't forget to check out my Blog of the Week on my sidebar! Today is its last day! I'll be selecting a new one sometime tomorrow. Also, I just noticed this is my three hundredth entry. I never imagined when I began this blog in March of 2005, I'd still be here 300 entries later, but here I am. Here's looking at 300 more.


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