309. Wanting More

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do you ever feel like you’re always searching for something more? Something different. Something that will catch your interest and hold it for longer than just a moment. I feel like that sometimes. I want to do something more. I want something to grab onto me writing wise and not let go. It doesn’t matter what it is.

May it be nonfiction, fiction, or some other type of writing. I just want something to grab me. Not a lot is right now. My fiction muses are sound asleep, but I expected they might be with all I’m doing this month. I know the end is near. I just keep looking for things though, and I need to stop doing that. I know that is easier said than done, but I know I need to wake up my fiction muses eventually.

This morning, my kitten Mikey was being a terror. I didn’t get hardly any sleep. He was so bad that I had to leave my room and steal my dad’s bed for an hour until he settled down. Once I came back to my bed, he was as quiet as a mouse. My brother has nicknamed Mikey, The Beast of The Desert, otherwise known as Junior X. So many names for one cat. We’ve also called him Charlie because he loves tuna.

Tonight, I watched the series finale for Alias, and I found it to be a more satisfying end than I did for Will & Grace. Strange, but good. I was sad to see some of the deaths, but they told us people would die. Now we have American Idol and Lost finishing up over the next couple of days. I think I want to see Kat win this week. I heard today she was performing with Meat Loaf on the finale, and I can’t wait to see that. I’m wondering what song she will sing with him. I’m excited for Lost too.

However right now, I’m tired! Don’t forget to check out my Blog of the Week! Utenzi will be wrapping up his stay with me soon.


Dramedy Girl said...

That's exactly how I feel these days! Nothing seems to be "right" and I can't stick with one thing for very long. Maybe it's Spring Fever...

jbruno said...

Could be, Shelly. I'm emerging from a haze of research papers, ready for a few months away from school. I'm hoping that I can finish a couple books before school starts.

What's everyone reading this summer?

utenzi said...

...and such a wonderful stay it has been, Gina. Thanks for hosting me this past week. :-)

Gina said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay here!

Astral said...

Hi Gina, my first visit here. Like the way you express your thoughts. Cute kitten you have. Take care and GOD bless.

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