303. Some thoughts on Blogexplosion

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yes, another post from me. I think I might have found a second wind with this blog because a bit of time there I was at a loss of what exactly to write. I've made some changes in the past week, so I'm focusing more on this blog, and once things settle down I hope to work hard on my fiction over the summer months. Still no word on the submission, so everyone keep their fingers crossed for me on that one.

As I mentioned in my Click & Comment Monday post, I had some thoughts on Blogexplosion. I've mentioned that site on this blog before a great deal, and it is included in my traffic exchange review report. I still think it is one of the better blog traffic exchanges out there, and things only seem to be getting better as time goes on. They keep adding new things to play with and help you earn credits that will drive traffic to your site.

In the last couple of weeks, Blogexplosion was taken over by new owners, and when something such as that happens, you have to worry if there will be any bumps in the road. There really haven't been though. Things continue to run smoothly. I've been thinking a lot about two of Blogexplosion's services, and those are Rent My Blog and Battle of the Blogs.

I use both a great deal. Rent My Blog is how I get my Blog of the Week every week. I pick a new blog for that spot tonight actually. I'm a picky landlord, and I'm an even pickier renter. I have only rented space on other blog for myself twice. I actually stopped looking for myself for awhile, but lately I've been out looking to rent again, and I've noticed how high some of the rents are for what you get in return.

Some are charging over between 50 to 100 credits for just one to two unique visitors. To me that seems a bit much. If you're charging that much, I think the person deserves just a bit more than that. I charge about 50 credits, but the renter gets at least ten unique visitors, several entry mentions, and I think I'm an okay landlord now. Before, not so much. You learn as you go. I rent space both on here and on my review site. I have no control on my entertainment blog's sidebar, so I can't there.

When it comes to renting space for myself, I look at blogs where I think my blogs will fit best. Bloggers that share a common interest or similar content. I look back at their histories and see how much they are charging. I've bid on a few blogs this week, but I haven't been chosen yet. I'm learning renting space is not easy. There are so many blogs out there, and people want to rent. As a landlord, I know how hard it is to pick that one blog for the week.

As for Battle of the Blogs, there has been some changes there too. Late last week, the number of credits you could put up per battle was raised. Instead of 10 - 100, battlers could wager anywhere from 25 - 200. This made it just a bit more fast paced, and voters can earn higher credits just by voting. A 200 wager battle earns the voter 8 credits for about forty seconds of viewing time. This is way more than what one can earn surfing. Surfing one earns a half credit for each 30 seconds.

You can make more battling I think. I know that I have this week. I'm still surfing, but I surf battles now too. It helps builds credits, and it helps you get your sites seen and read. That's what we all want in the end. For someone else to read what we have to say.


Brenda Bradshaw said...

This sounds incredibly interesting, and at the same time, I have no clue what I just read. LOL

Been awhile since I blog-hopped - glad to see you still goin' strong!

utenzi said...

The new rules vis a vis BOTB is pissing me off. I've virtually stopped doing battles. Dropping the amount you can win to 70% of the total from 75% just makes it that much harder to maintain a credit balance. It's easier to build up a stake by voting in battles now tho.

modern princess said...

I'm a surfer myself. I like to look for new blogs to read and comment on, so yes I'll spend more than 30 seconds at a blog while surfing. On botb I find that I'm looking at the same blogs over and over again multiple times a day.

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