298. When Love Goes Wrong

Monday, May 08, 2006

As a romance writer, I always love a good love story, and I hate to see one go so terribly wrong just as much. News has been buzzing since the winter about the divorce of Jessica Simpson from Nick Lachey. These two were one of my favorite couples, and it looked like they had found their happy ever after so many seek. Then things went wrong, and we're really not sure why.

Today, while I was looking at the various news sites that I use to collect material to write about on my entertainment blog, I saw a story about Jessica saying she didn't want to speak to Nick ever again. He's been out promoting his new CD the last week, and his interviews haven't painted Jessica in much of a positive light.

It really made me sad though. I remember watching the two on MTV's Newlyweds, and how they were. Sure, they had their arguments and problems, just like any other couple. What couple doesn't have problems? When things looked good though, they were really good. Nick surprising her with trips for anniversaries and the like. I was shocked to hear they broke up.

In romance novels, there isn't break-ups, unless they happen in the backstory, and then that person finds their happily ever after with someone new during the story. That is how it works. Life isn't a romance novel though, and sometimes there isn't a happily ever after.

I've listened to Nick's new CD, and some are saying the songs were written post break-up and relate to him and Jessica. There are two sides to every failed love, but the lyrics are so heartbreaking. You really feel for him when you listen. As my brother mentioned to me just a bit ago, Nick is probably a smart man and capitalizing on the break-up, so that means lyrics that could be seen as him getting back at Jessica would sell more records for him. Still its sad though.

No word yet on my submission. I'm still a bit stuck on what to do next. None of the curreent submission calls out there are really grabbing me. I know the next couple of weeks will be a bit crazy with all the season finales, so I'm taking it one day at a time. If something comes to me, I'll grab it then! Check out the new design on my review site!

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Battlerocker said...

I just wanted to say thanks for letting me stay here this week. Your success with writing is inspiring, and I hope your current submission goes well. Good luck!

JENNA said...

N&J make me sad too. I thought the show was funny, and because of it I believed in them above the trashy rumors. Now, I'm betting more of them were true than not. And I worry about her sex kitten image - when she was the blossoming woman who waited until marriage she could get away with a lot more without seeming trashy. Now? She'll get the same scrutiny as Britney.

Damn, this is about the most shallow thing I've read in months, maybe years.

Michelle said...

You know, I never really got into Nick and Jessica. I guess I just didn't watch the show so there wasn't a connection for me. So many show business marriages fail. Makes you wonder why.

Hi Gina! Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been featured in a totally bizarre story on my blog. :-D Pop over and take a look.

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