All I Want For Christmas ...

Monday, December 03, 2007

No, I'm not singing a song! Although that is thought. Christmas time is here, and now that we're actually in December that means it is time to start really shopping and making your own wish lists. There are contests and offers everywhere you look, and many of the online retailers are offering their best deals now. Free shipping. Low shipping. Low prices. I love online retailers, and I constantly shop at some of them. One that I have been wanting to try is I haven't yet, but I have this feeling I will soon.

Right now, they are running a contest for Christmas called the All I want for Christmas Giveaway. It is great way to pick up a gift and give something to your friends too. I am dreaming of getting an MP3 player this Christmas. No, I'm not going for the iPod. Not a fan of some of the things I've heard about them, but I would love an MP3 player. I'm not so sure on the Video players they have, but I need my music. My brother wants a laptop. My dad wants a DVD player. I know one of my friends who would love a television for Christmas, and another who has a little boy I can get some new toy for.

You know what though? Too bad Overstock doesn't sell cars! You think I'm joking? We really need a second car. The men sharing one is not the least bit convenient. Until Overstock sells cars though I'd be happy with a few things under my tree this year. I don't ask for much!


Wally Banners said...

Hope you get your mp3 player. You got my Battle of the Blogs vote :)

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