Rain coming down

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It has been raining here in the Phoenix area on and off since the weekend. It is raining here again tonight. Today I went out for a walk, which I had been unable to do, and I thought it might start to rain on me while I was walking the distance to the store. Just ten minutes, but if it did I would be drenched. It didn't start to rain though. I think the weather is messing with my mood because with it being so gloomy out I've been a bit on the depressed side myself. It might just be the winter blues. We all get them, but I hate them so much.  All you can really do is wait for them to pass, and I'm hoping that happens soon.

Today, they were working on our cable here in the area. We had an outage this morning, and then my cable went out again this afternoon for a few minutes. I'm hoping that the upgrade to the system here in the area fixes the problems we've been having since I signed up for Cox's Internet service a few years ago. Seems to be the time of year for things to go wrong. A couple of sites I use almost completely died this week. This caused panic and mayhem by their users. Both are back up and running now, but we're not sure for how long. I see the Diva's forum is also suffering some issues this week. Hopefully, it is back up and running soon!


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