Jingle Bells!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

When it comes to the holidays, the best thing about them is the music. Christmas music starts playing something in November. I've even heard it played before Thanksgiving! One woman is trying to spread the Christmas joy this holiday season using her talent and getting people to join in with her in singing. Alisa Apps ventured out this holiday season to one of the busiest outdoor malls in Santa Monica trying to get people to sing Jingle Bells with her.

This reminds me of a similar idea last Thanksgiving, but there it was free hugs that became all the rage. Some join in, and some don't. We all know there are some grinches out there. Alisa has now taken her mission to YouTube. What can you not find on that site? She is now challenging the world to join in with her little sing along. Will you join in? I would if I had a video camera! It is the time of year to be jolly, and while it might not totally be Christmas like this house, I have never been able to resist singing Jingle Bells.


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