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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We all write in our blogs, and we hope that someone out there will read and hopefully identify with the things we write about. I actually like writing in my blog, and I like when people comment either agreeing or disagreeing with me depending on how the feel. A little conversation and sometimes debate is a good thing. The problem we have as bloggers is once we have our blogs up with a content we believe in is getting readers to the blog. There are many ways to do this. The main one being writing good engaging content that will make people want to stick around and read.

There are sites that can help you get traffic to your blogs. Traffic exchanges such as Blog Explosion, memes in which you join in and talk about a topic weekly with others, and other sites such as EntreCard. This is a site I've just started to use in the past week. You post this little widget in your sidebar, and people pay for a spot on your sidebar for that day for a number of credits. This reminds of Blog Explosion's Rent Your Blog service, but I've found more success using EntreCard in the past week, and I've had it help me find new blogs to read that I've never ever heard of before. Whenever I drop a card, I look around and read a little. Some sites I pop in and check on daily to see what's new. I might not always comment, but I do read. Since joining, I've had 157 visitors to my blog, and I've dropped 157 cards. That is a 1:1 ratio, which to me is a good investment of my time.

Another site I've recently discovered is RSS Hugger. This site will give you a free ten year spot for taking a look at their service and reviewing it on your blog. RSS feeds are a way to get your blog content out there to people where they don't have to visit your site.  They still read every single word you write. It just makes it easier for them. With RSS Hugger and their ways of viral marketing, they are hoping to help you get your blog read by others and more RSS subscribers. The more people that subscribe to your feed the more people are reading. I think its a good concept, but it is hard to tell much about whether or not it will work until you put it in action. Maybe in time I'll give you more thoughts on this system!


LaskiGal said...

Thanks for the sites! I share your philosophy on blog-writing. I love getting comments! I get excited about it.

In one sense it seems crazy to share your innermost thoughts and ideas with complete strangers, but in another sense it is very liberating, refreshing, and quite honestly, fun.

cube said...

Thanks for the info. Of the three sites, I was only familiar with BE.

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